Working with vulnerable children, survivors of human trafficking, people being exploited and isolated elderly people, Oasis Belgium is all about creating community that includes everyone, a place... read more


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We believe that every person is important and that with kindness and compassion we can help people to lift themselves out of trapped, desperate situations and into happier, brighter futures.
In a very hidden brothel to the north of Brussels, the team would call each week to see if they could gain access, and usually there was no response. Then, one day, the shutters were open because the... read more


In the Long Run made a huge impact in spreading awareness of human trafficking throughout Spain and Morocco. ​Next stop in the fight against human trafficking - Ireland 2016!​... read more
Dit weekend in De Morgen en De Standaard: politiebaas Van Thielen wil meer strijd tegen prostitutie opvoeren! 02:24 PM - 05 Sep 2011
Jongeren spreken in het EU Parlement - 03:58 PM - 14 Jul 2011

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We will soon be giving training on helping victims of domestic violence. Let me know if you're interested in signing up.
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Thank you to everyone who helped us make the Christmas appeal happen! We successfuly gave out tons of jewellery to many ladies. They loved the...
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About to head out to give the Christmas gifts to the ladies!! So excited! Thank you to everyone who brought jewellery! When we give out these...
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